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About our business

Proprietors Steven & Cheryl Steibel purchased this beautiful home in 2012 with big dreams of seeing it not only lovingly restored, but reinvented as a bed and breakfast.

This “mansion” was built in 1906 by local businessman and owner of the Prairie du Rocher Lumber Company, William H. Conner.  Mr. Conner wanted this home to be “The first thing anyone saw” when they rode into town.  Over the years the town changed around the house and the grand old mansion remained almost as beautiful as the day it was finished being built.

In the more recent years this testament to the American Dream stood empty and quiet.  Seeing the lonely house up for sale, Steve & Cheryl jumped at the chance to restore it (at least as close as is humanly possible) to its former glory.

Now, this beautiful home with it’s inviting wrap around veranda is just waiting for travelers to relax in the shade and take in the autumn beauty as the bluffs of Prairie du Rocher explode with fall colors.  To rest comfortably in their spacious rooms, and soak in the history the house and the town has to offer.